Applying to Obsidian Order

Information & instructions for those interested in joining us

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Applying to Obsidian Order

Postby Sozinho » Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:59 am

Please note that we do not accept players with active clan characters. Players with former/inactive clan characters may be considered.

:!: You must register for our forums before applying, using the in-game name of your main.

:!: You must read the Information & Rules for Obsidian Order thread in full.

:!: Your application thread should include:
- RL age and gender
- RL geographical location, and usual play times
- Your main level / prof
- Your alts level / prof (please include ALL characters, even inactive ones.)
- Previous Orgs and why you left them
- How long you have been playing AO and what expansions you have
- How you heard about OO and why you want to join
- Anything else you'd like us to know about you
- A statement that you have read and agree to abide by our org rules and policies

:!: We will contact you in-game for an interview if you meet these requirements, OR post in your application thread with instructions on how to contact us. After your interview, your application topic will be moved to the Leaders Forums for further review.

:!: Please be patient, as it can take up to several days to interview you. OO is a long-standing, well-respected org with a unique and tight-knit family community. We invest a lot in our members and take adding new members very seriously.

:!: If we are unable to get a hold of you for several weeks or more, your application will be considered inactive and may be moved. If you are still interested in our org, please post a new application or contact an officer in-game.