Information & Rules for Obsidian Order

Information & instructions for those interested in joining us

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Information & Rules for Obsidian Order

Postby Sorhan » Sun Jan 22, 2006 5:39 am

Obsidian Order is a 10+ year old Omni-aligned organization on Atlantean.
We are interested in recruiting friendly, mature, helpful, and self-sufficient Omni characters to join our family.

Most Importantly
OO is a group of guys and girls who like to hang out and have fun, on top of those pesky things like leveling and getting lewt. ;) We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we DO take seriously the camaraderie and family atmosphere in OO. Every member is expected to show respect for each other and the good name of our org in everything they do.

OO has members all around the org, but we are an English speaking org. If you are interested in joining us, it will be necessary that you can read & type understandable English.

If you are looking for a huge power org with 50+ members on at once, grinding out raids like a machine, we are not the org for you. If you're looking for laughs and fun, giving and receiving help personally, in a close-knit family org, OO may be just the org for you!

Application and Interview
If you think OO might be the right org for you, please post an application using the procedure outlined here

If you are invited to interview, you should think about what you want from an org and prepare some questions for us in advance. The interview is as much for you to learn about us as vice versa, to determine whether you and OO are a good fit for each other. We are interested in long-term members to join our org family, not in org hoppers/shoppers or those looking for a stepping-stone org.

Applicant Period
The minimum applicant period is 30 days, after which the officers will decide whether to promote you to Unit Member, keep you as Applicant for further evaluation, or kick you from org (extreme cases.) Your alts may be invited to OO after your promotion to Unit Member, or earlier at our discretion.

All OO members are expected to be registered on our forums and be active in reading & participating in forum discussions. Our forums are a great place to get to know your orgmates, and a very powerful source of information and communication outside of the game. Participation on the forums will help to strengthen our community.

Also, additions/revisions to org rules will be announced and posted on the forums, and all org members will be held accountable for reading and abiding by them.

Member Behavior
Members of OO are representatives of the org wherever they go, and are expected to behave in ways that uphold OO's good name. In addition to following the terms of AO's Rules of Conduct, members are expected to be mature, courteous and respectful to the AO community.

Org Channel
Members are encouraged to chat and ask questions on the org channel, however you must be respectful to OO and orgmates at all times. We have members of many cultures and backgrounds, and something that seems harmless to you may seriously upset somebody else.

Fighting, spamming, selling items, and begging for items/credits are not allowed on the OO org channel. If you have an issue with another member, please keep it private and/or talk to a General for assistance. Keep the discussions in Org Channel friendly and positive. If an orgmate or especially officer asks you to stop a particular discussion, you should do so immediately.

Org Activities
OO enjoys teaming, raiding, and hanging out with our orgmates. Our members are usually very generous with helping to level and equip guildmates with their knowledge, time, buffs, tradeskills, and sometimes items. Any member who is interested in a raid, activity, or event is encouraged to poke the appropriate officer, post here on forums, or just ask in org channel.

However, we also respect each other - we are self-sufficient where we can be and do not take advantage of org and orgmates' generosity.

Applicants are expected to partipate in org activities when they can. This does not mean that you will need to join every mission or raid, but players who are not interested in helping out their org and orgmates are not welcome in OO.

During a raid or event, members are expected to listen to and follow all commands from raidleaders, and respect all decisions regarding loot. Do not start an argument during a raid or event. If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact the raidleader or another officer privately after the event.

Org Loot
Applicants will become eligible for raid loot from org raids and org bank upon their promotion to Unit Member.

Non-nodrop loot/equipment given to members by the org or orgmates must be returned when the member is done with it; it cannot be sold for personal gain. Loot obtained in org raids or from org bank should be passed on to the passed on to another orgmate who can use it, or sold for org bank. Loot given by another orgmate should be returned to that member unless expressly stated otherwise by the giver.

Org Tax
OO does not have an organization tax.

OO owns a large QL300 AI city located in Montroyal (R.I.P. Coast of Tranquility city :() for alien raids, skill bonuses, parties, and interesting scenery.

AI Raid opportunities are available to members of any rank/level.

Notum Wars/PVP
Participation in Notum Wars/PVP is optional, except when one of our bases are attacked, in which case all members are expected to help with tower defense if they can (including buffing & scouting as well as fighting.)

Initiating an attack against clan tower sites must be approved by org leadership in advance.

Clanners that are flagged or in PVP gas zones are considered fair game for attacking. Alternately, OO members are expected to behave maturely if killed by a clanner while flagged or in PVP gas. Neutrals and other Omni should not be attacked under normal circumstances.

Characters in Other Orgs
When we accept someone as a member of OO, we do so without regards to level or profession, because we are accepting the player into our org family and not their specific character.

Applicants to OO may have characters in other orgs during their applicant period as they are still getting a feel for our org. However, all Unit Members and above should be fully committed to Obsidian Order, and should not have alternate characters in other orgs.

Leaving OO
If you just don't fit in with us or have other issues to deal with, we will understand and respect your decision to leave the org. If you do leave OO, please show us the courtesy of letting org leadership know why you are leaving before you do so. We will do the same for any members that we find necessary to remove from org.

Members leaving OO are required to remove their alts from org as well.

Members who are taking a break from AO do not need to leave org, although they may be subject to future roster purge based on inactivity. If this happens and you return to the game later, simply contact an officer about rejoining OO.

Further Questions
If you are interested in OO but have questions not answered here, please post them in your application or contact an officer in-game or via PM.