Penumbra Garden Key Quest Guide (Omni)

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Penumbra Garden Key Quest Guide (Omni)

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Rescued from the old OO site, we have... the best Pen Garden Key Guide thus far!

From the depths of the Adonis Abyss, we emerge into the beautiful winter wonderland of Penumbra. Here we will take an exploration tour of the wondrous and dangerous lands.

Requirements and things to note before beginning the quest:

1. Must be 160+ in order to get the Rimy ring and the specs. Just talk with Ergo and tell him you would like to skip the challenge and move directly to Penumbra.
2. Now is a great time to get Spheremap if you haven't already.
3. Must have Guardian Faction of 10000
4. Must have 300 Adventuring for your Safety specs. Please be sure that you are able to equip them.
5. Be careful where you jump and walk! There are several spots where you will fall thru to Rubi-ka.
6. East side = Fortress, West Side = Pipe, Glacier Hill is to the far South West. The Incarnators are referred to by the stone that you must take to get to them.
7. Unredeemed Temple (Vanya) is far NE be careful there are hecklers hanging out there.
8. Redeemed Temple (Cama) is NW of Pipe and Yutto’s camp. Careful here because you must make the jump… There is a spot on the south side that isn’t too bad as well as a land bridge to the east but a lot of times that is blocked by redeemed mobs.
9. Insignias for Vanya drop off the “Leader” mobs (actually have leader in the name) as well as the Predators/Stalkers and also Rafters.
10. Before attempting the quest it is very useful to get a map off your friendly local adventurer. It won't even terminate if you die!

Guide for the quest:

Note: You must be in fairly close proximity for a mission update. Just move slowly in to prevent from getting too close and reselect target until you get mission update.

Items needed:

1. Minimum of 1 insignia… more would be great but remember you can always use the Pen Hollows jump to get back to the garden if you are near the Pipe, or suicide.
2. You will need 35 Fragments of the Source to complete this quest. It is a good idea to get them before starting the garden quest. Note: these drop from most mobs in Penumbra at a decent rate, also don't forget to ask in org chat as many of us have Frags laying around to help w/ orgmates' quests.

To begin your quest for the Penumbra Vanya garden key you need to go to the NE corner of penumbra where you'll see a peninsula.
Go up the ramp and enter the temple.
Go to the 2nd room, then go right and into the room.
Go straight and go around the corner to the left and talk to Follower Yutt-Pi Van (278, 371) I prefer to /term from here but you can walk back to the statue if you'd like.

Mobs to Find and Tag:

1. Savvy Spinetooth blessed by Cama
(1480x1360 Pipe): Go back to the garden and exit out at The Pipe. Once at The Pipe head go to the left side of the long "pipe" you see to the north and follow it to where you'll find your Savvy Spinetooth blessed by Cama.

2. Algor Eremite blessed by Cama
(1340x930 Pipe): Go under the big "pipe" to the south and you'll find the eremites. They're hidden mobs, but you can find them by hitting "TAB". (it is also to the SE of the Vanya Statue at The Pipe. After tagging the Algor Eremite, you can return to the Garden by going into Pen Hollows and jumping off the side.

3. Demon of Water
(2650x1900 Fortress): Hit the Pen Fortress statue and go straight north after you exit and you'll end up near the coords. This one is on the way to the next mob so tag him and keep going back to the Unredeemed temple.

4. Son-Len blessed by Cama
(3260x1740 Fortress (use lever on pillar in NE city)): Head back to the Unredeemed temple stand at the entrance and turn facing SW. Go down the ramp and you'll see a pillar straight ahead. Use the "A Lever" on the opposite side you're facing. Go SE a short distance and you'll see the Son-Len - Blessed by Cama. To exit, continue going SE and you'll see a similar pillar to the one that had the lever on it. Again, on the backside of that pillar is a lever. (I generally prefer to die from here though since the statue is so far.)

5. Corpse Sucker blessed by Cama
(1380x2480 Pipe NW Redeemed Village Entrance): Hit the Pipe exit and go north till it looks like you'll end up in Inferno. The "cave entrance" marker on Spheremap is pretty accurate. (coords are ~ 1390 2430) Head inside and you'll find the Corpse Sucker blessed by Cama right around there... they are small white spiders and hard to see but you should be able to tab them.

6. Wandering Chemist blessed by Cama
(1050x1530 Pipe): The next one is Wandering Chemist blessed by Cama. This one should be quite easy to find since he's at the Yutto camp you passed on the way to the cave. Tag him and take the Pipe Hollows jump back to the garden.

7. Frosty Rafter Twice Marked
(2200x650 Fortress): Hit the Penumbra Fortress statue and head mostly south with a slight west. North above the "v" in the word "The Ravine" you'll find a whole group of Frosty Rafter Twice Marked at (2200,650).

8. Or-Mada of the furious fists
(995x156 Glacier Hill): Go back to garden again and exit at Glacier Hill. Head south with a slight west slant and go around the cliff or look over the cliff and jump up to see the Or-Mada of the Furious Fists at (995,156). He is standing in the building with the other Or-Mada mobs. This one can be difficult to find; if your faction is good/bad enough that you are aggroed on sight, you may want to ask an orgmate to pull him out for you.

9. Hiisi Warrior Blessed by cama
(Penumbra Hollows – Either Pipe or Fortress work): Go north to the Vanya Statue at The Pipe. Run down to the far end and enter The Pipe. Just inside you'll find a Hiisi Warrior Blessed by Cama. Jump off from here back to the Garden.

WARNING! Make sure you have a few free slots in your inventory available before you select the next target, because the Source Scanner will appear in your inventory immediately after targeting the Len-We.

10. Len-We
(1100 x 332 Glacier Hill): Hit the Glacier Hill statue and head south. Go out to near the end of the protrusion over where the Redeemed mobs are at and and Len-We can be tagged from above by standing and jumping at the coords mentioned above.

As soon as you tag the Len-We you'll get a quest update and a "Source Fragment Scanner - Scan" will appear in your inventory. Put 7 "Fragments of the Source" into the scanner, then it will turn into a "Source Fragment Scanner - Scan completed" and another scanner will appear in your inventory to fill up with another 7 source frags. You will have to fill 5 Source Fragment Scanners and will need a total of 35 Fragments of the Source. Once the last scanner is filled you will receive your "The Key to the Garden of Vanya". Congratulations!
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