Need some help to kill ALOT of time!

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Need some help to kill ALOT of time!

Postby DocDrakry » Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:01 pm

:shock: I'm seriously going thru some AO withdraws. :evil:

Ok, I seem to have a good bit of time to kill while I'm over here, but no internet time for gaming. So I have to ask you all (since I've been stuck in AO/UO for so many years that I'm just out of the loop of knowing any better).

What is a good single player game out there that would come close to being like AO/UO? I just dropped $4,000.00 on a new laptop (this lil things just rocks!) and I'm in need of some better entertainment other then Diablo II. I have blindly ordered from Amazon the Neverwinter Nights complete package, and Balders Gate complete package, but I really know nothing about them (ie... if any good, or what).

So I'm looking to see what you all suggest on single-player (not online or first person shooter) that could NOT replace AO, but maybe act as a substatute 'drug' untill I can get back to AO. :twisted:

This is how buggin I am to get back into game, I would love to find a place that had vid-clips of AO raids that I could just sit here and watch! LOL

Take care all,

Doc Drakry (Will) :wink:
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Postby Toffemaster » Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:52 pm

Hey Drakman, we miss you in game :(
I've tried both Baldur's and NWN. Played NWN quite a bit (the first of the games) and I liked it pretty much. Never fancied Baldur's tho (same there, only tried the first one).

When should we be expecting you back?
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