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Hi from a old friend :) OMG I missed you all

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:47 am
by Styles999
I guess I have some explaining to do. Ok, well Im sorry for dipping out like that suddenly but I had a lot of IRL issues at the time and I really didnt want to bother anyone with I gave my account to a real life friend (Dundid) to see if he liked it. Turns out he really didnt want it he wanted to just try the game so he gave it back later.

I seen the server merge :( that sucks. I miss all of you guys. I hope youre all doing well, Im not even sure you check this place anymore. but If you do PLEASE hit me up. Ive searched for you peeps somewhat to reconnect if possible.

More than likely you can get in touch w me at my twitch page at I dont stream, I just play a LOT of games :D Also I am on Discord as Dundid
#4728, most games my name is Dundid now because im lazy.

Yeah, Im too lazy to change names so now I go by Dundid. I miss all of you , Clockdoc, Sorhan, Pinder, Soz, Khal...

no one will prob see it, but its worth a try I guess :) anyway. Stay awesome my friends.

Forgot to add. Here is my Steam profile if you would like to add me :)